Christopher Campbell

Dr. Christopher Campbell

Hi, I’m Dr. Christopher Campbell. I have been practicing medicine for over 27 years. I was born in Long Beach California in 1961 but spent most of my youth growing up in Laguna Beach California. Later, my family moved to New York where I completed my undergraduate training. My alma mater is Alfred University, a private university in upstate New York. I chose Alfred University due to its academic reputation and high acceptance rate into medical school. I graduated with honors and bolstered the school’s reputation with being accepted into the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

I have always had an integrative/holistic approach to not only medicine, but life in general. I believe there is much more to our bodies than the sum of its parts. Like a symphony, each instrument playing together creates something that is far greater than the sum of any instrument playing alone. Knowing my mindset, a family friend who happened to be a M.D., suggested I apply to a D.O. school. He felt that a D.O. school would be more in line with my philosophy. D.O. medical schools have always embraced an Integrative and Functional approach to medicine. Whereas, M.D. medical schools have historically placed more emphasis on a “systems” approach to medicine.

Over the years the differences between M.D. and D.O. medical schools have become fewer and farther between. Today, most medical schools are teaching in more of an integrative manner.

Honestly, at the time, I had never heard of a D.O. medical school. I thought all physicians were MD’s. After interviewing at several medical schools; both M.D. and D.O. I realized my doctor friend was right and some 30+ years ago, I started my medical training at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Alfred University prepared me well for medical school. I graduate at the top of my class even with the added responsibility of serving as Class President.

After finishing medical school, I wanted to make my way back to the West Coast. My folks had already moved back to the West Coast and settled in Portland Oregon. I decided to join them in Portland where I did my Family Practice Residency.

Upon completing my family practice residency, I thought it was a good time to “do my part”. And so, I joined the United States Air Force. I was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base in California. I eagerly entered Flight Surgery Training. Upon completing my flight surgery training, I served as Chief of Flight Surgery at Edwards Air Force Base.

As the Chief Flight Surgeon, I was responsible for all medical aspects of Aerospace Medicine on the base, which naturally included the operations of the Flight Surgery Office and overseeing the health and welfare of all flight crew and their families. I was also assigned the care of all individuals deemed as “VIPs”.

These were active-duty personnel, retired personnel or civilians considered “celebrities”. Two of the individuals I had the honor and privilege to call patient’s and later friends, were a couple of World War II hero’s; General Chuck Yeager and Colonel “Bud” Anderson.

Additional responsibilities included overseeing Life Support, Public Health, Hyperbaric Chamber operations, Aviation Mishap Investigations and one of the most exciting jobs, Space Shuttle Recovery. The most kick ass responsibility I had, was keeping my flying hours current. Fortunately, during flight surgery training, I was one of the few flight surgeons able to complete the F-16 profile in the centrifuge. Being one of the few, I was assigned to the 416th Fighting Falcons squadron. The 416th is a F-16 squadron and being at Edwards Air Force Base with the mission to test the limits of various aircraft and aircraft systems, I had some unbelievable experiences.


After spending three years in the Air Force, my tour of duty was up. I would have enjoyed staying in the Air Force. However, I realized I needed to get out into the “real world” and start paying off my student loans.

I started my private practice in a place that would be a good place to raise my two toddler sons and be close to my grandparents in Northern California.

I have always been hungry for knowledge and determined to remain on the cutting edge of medicine and be up-to-date on the latest medical breakthroughs. About 12 years ago, I became increasingly interested in antiaging and regenerative medicine. So, I decided to take a four-day course on “bioidentical hormones “. The course was being offered by the American Academy of Antiaging & Regenerative Medicine (A4M). I remember sitting in the lectures thinking to myself “where has all of this game changing information been”? At the same time, I was puzzled by the fact this information was not being shared with my colleagues in “mainstream medicine”.

I was so impressed with the depth and quality of the A4M organization, I became a fellow. A4M is a top-notch organization that serves to educate healthcare professionals around the world. A4M offers many educational tracks leading to board certification including not only the two board certifications I hold (Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine and Functional and Nutritional Medicine) but also aesthetics, stem cells and oncology. I am thankful to A4M for providing a platform of higher learning. I believe as they do. The standard of care provided to patients should constantly be moving forward and not remain stagnant or in some cases move backward. As a physician I feel obligated to provide my patients with the most advanced modalities of testing & evidence-based treatments available. I’m sure my patients agree that is exactly what I deliver.

One final note. I am often asked what my interests outside medicine are. Although a great part of my world revolves around medicine, I do have outside interests. And when not doing anything medically related, I enjoy being physically active. I enjoy sports of all kind, boating, traveling, hiking and hanging out with my friends and family. A special interest I have had is karate. Martial arts are a wonderful way to get a great workout while still being able to learn a very useful skill. I hold a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Once upon a time, I trained and competed on the national level in martial arts. I must add, I am very honored, privileged, proud & thankful to have trained under the three-time World Champion, Olympic Committee Member, USAK Board of Directors member, International Karate Referee, and founder of Miladi Karate Academy… Sensei Alex Miladi.