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Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots

What are bamboo shoots?


Bamboo plants are widely found in Southeast Asia and are praised for their multi-functionality. The bamboo plant can be used to make a variety of eco-friendly goods including: toilet paper, floors, sunglasses, and skateboards.


In addition, the bamboo plant creates edible sprouts often referred to as bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots have a variety of health benefits and are often used in Asian cuisine. There are many varieties of bamboo that produce edible shoots, and depending on the variety they can be thin and stringy or wide and can vary in bitterness. Bamboo shoots can be found fresh, canned, and fermented.


Are bamboo shoots good for you?


Not only can bamboo shoots be delicious when prepared correctly, but they are packed with a nutrient punch! Bamboo shoot is highly touted in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Bamboo shoots are high in potassium, B vitamins, magnesium and iron. Bamboo shoots may be beneficial in lowering cholesterol, weight loss, and boosting the immune system.


The high fiber, low carb and low calorie vegetable can be the perfect edition to add a fresh spin to your favorite stir fry or soup recipe. Check out these great bamboo shoot recipes from The Woks of Life and Spruce Eats.


What do bamboo shoots taste like?


Bamboo shoots are crunchy and crisp. They have a fibrous and bitter taste similar to asparagus.


Can I grow bamboo shoots? Bamboo plants are fairly easy to grow. The plant likes sunny or partly shady areas and thrives in well drained soil. It is important to ensure that your bamboo plants roots do not sit in waterlogged soil as this will result in a quick death for your plant. Many bamboo plant varieties spread, so harvesting your bamboo may be necessary.


If you do harvest your own bamboo to eat, it is very important to boil the raw bamboo shoots before eating to remove toxic properties. Check out Wilson Bros Gardens to start growing edible bamboo plants in your garden or greenhouse.


Are canned bamboo shoots healthy?


Can’t find fresh bamboo shoots at your local grocery store? Canned bamboo shoots can be less flavorful than fresh, but may be able to convey many of the health benefits as its fresh counterpart.


A quick search on the internet will show you a plethora of canned bamboo shoot options to buy, like these canned organic bamboo shoots from Amazon. If you buy canned bamboo shoots, don’t worry about boiling! The canning process removes the toxins from the vegetable.


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